Dual Citizen Brewing Company

True North Pre-Prohibition Ale

True North Elite have proudly partnered with Dual Citizen Brewing Company, where we gather before and after every Minnesota United home match. In addition to producing outstanding beer, Max, Tim, Kaitlyn, and the entire DCBC team are wonderful people who share our values - welcoming to all, being proud of and giving back to our communities.

Naturally, we leapt at the idea of collaborating on a new beer that reflects these ideals, and here it comes!

Our discussions with Max, Co-Owner and Head Brewer at DCBC, quickly led us to wanting an approachable beer that reflected our home. The Minnesota climate may be too harsh for some, but we thrive here, and we wanted a beer that speaks to that strength and this place. So we went back in time to source ingredients that have long thrived in the True North: 6-Row Barley, Wheat, Corn, Cluster Hops.

These come together in a classically styled beer that harkens back to the practices before Prohibition. Light and crisp, the corn lending some pleasant sweetness; hints of black pepper amidst mild hop bitterness; a suggestion of breadiness on the finish. Well-balanced. Easy Drinking. True to the Original.

As great as you’ll find this beer, the collaboration does not end at the bottom of your glasses, because a portion of every sale will go to support the charitable and service missions of both Dual Citizen Brewing Company and Keepers of The North!  Enjoy it with pride. 

Introducing True North Pre-Prohibition Ale.

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