On match day, almost nothing is a guarantee. However, one thing that we can guarantee is that the Wonderwall lead by the booming drums of THUNDERWALL make Allianz Field the loudest stadium in all of Minnesota. The intensity of the drums combined with the passion of our supporters provides an incredible cacophony that uplifts our fans and players while simultaneously devastating the opposing team and goalie. No one will forget how menacing we are.

THUNDERWALL is a coalition representing the diverse, and eclectic population of MNUFC supporters. Lead by Robb Lauer of True North Elite and Andy Reierson of the Dark Clouds, THUNDERWALL seeks to provide a unified and cohesive beat for the Wonderwall to latch on to in order to cheer the Loons onto victory. No one is discriminated against in THUNDERWALL; all MNUFC fans are welcome to join. If you want to join our deep ranks, please reach out to Robb or follow us on Twitter @thunderwallO.

Remember the Crest!