Season Tickets--So Many Reasons Including, Possibly, An Epic Trip to Chicago!


Season Tickets ~ So Many Reasons Including, Possibly, An Epic Trip to Chicago!

Hopefully, you've had a chance to stand with True North Elite and Dark Clouds in the Supporters Section at TCF this year, or you know us from our days at NSC. And like a lot of us, you've realized how amazing it is to take part in driving the energy in the stadium, supporting our Club.

We're asking those of you that have lived that experience, or those who have been on the fence, to consider becoming full season ticket holders in our section.

Our goal as supporters is to have one of the largest, most involved, and most passionate Supporters Section in the entire league, and we get there from having a full section of dedicated supporters that show up and get loud for every match.

Owning a season ticket will make you part of that vital core, backing our entire Club every match, for the Full 90. Our players tell us they feed off the energy we provide. The whole stadium does.

We see in cities like Portland, Seattle, and Orlando the difference a passionate Supporters Culture has on the game experience. It makes for a tougher environment for visiting clubs. It allows us to make a larger impact in our communities through charitable and volunteer work.

That's what we want to build here.

Now, we happen to think these are more than enough reasons to decide to become a season ticket holder. However, we also know that on a per match basis, Season Tickets are a far better value than single game tickets. We know that Itasca Society Slots are still available. We know there are merchandise discounts.

We know that in cities like Portland there are waiting lists for Supporters Section tickets, and we do not want you to miss out on what we're building.

But, here's another potential benefit: Dark Clouds and True North Elite have reached out to the Club, and we've got them to offer a pretty cool perk - a free trip and ticket for our August 26 match in Chicago!

It works like this: if 200 new Season Ticket Holders are added to the Supporters Section between now and June 15, then the ENTIRE group of Supporters Season Ticket Holders will be offered a trip to Chicago (Ticket, Transportation, Pre-Game)! It's a stretch goal, but we think we can make it! And if we get there, the Club will be spending thousands of dollars for us to form one of the LARGEST visiting support invasions in League History.

So if you've been on the fence, please consider making that jump to becoming a Season Ticket Holder. There are so many great reasons, and maybe a historic trip to Chicago as a bonus!

Maybe you're asking yourself, "What happens if we don't reach the season ticket goal? We miss out on Chicago?" 

Fair questions. Whether the 200 season ticket goal is met or not, you will now be fully invested in backing top flight professional soccer with a rapidly growing and passionate group of like-minded supporters. You will be part of making ours one of the best Supporters Groups in the League! 

As for Chicago, no matter whether we reach the goal or not, True North Elite and Dark Clouds have secured four fully paid trips to Chicago. The trips include bus transportation, a ticket to the match, and pre-game. These four trips will be awarded in a random drawing, and all season ticket holders in our sections as of June 15 will be eligible for that drawing. 

Season Tickets may be purchased online at and be assured there are still seats available! Supporters Sections include 123, 125, 126, and 127. If you have trouble with the online approach, you can reach the Club at 763.476.2237, or hit us up, and we’ll connect you with our awesome Season Ticket Rep!